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[명품 마스크] ETRO 에트로 마스크 세트 구매후기 - Etro face masks |미셸TV

#명품하울 #에트로 #명품마스크

안녕하세요! 미셸입니다
오늘은 명품 마스크 소개해드릴게요
국내 매장엔 입고되지 않아서
미국에 사촌동생이 보내준 에트로 Etro 마스크 세트 입니다!

영상 보시고 좋아요와 구독 부탁드릴게요!

Today's short video is unboxing my Etro face masks
(set of 5)!
Hope you enjoy watching it and don't forget to subscribe to my channel!

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#etro #쇼핑후기 #명품쇼핑 #미셸TV
올인원 ASMR 자연소리 : 요즈음 마스크는 필수품이죠ᆢ명품 마스크도있네요ᆢ아ᆢ고급스럽네요ㆍ비쥬얼도 좋고요ᆢ삭상도 여러가지고요ᆢ귀한 마스크 보여주셔서ㅈ감사합니다ᆢ
김금옥 : 마스크가 넘 이쁘네요~~^^
데이밍 Day-ming : 너무예뻐요 무늬하며 컬러까지
채움CHAEUM : 우왕 에트로 마스크라니 예뻐요:)
우기미 브이로그 WooGiMi Vlog : 마스크가 스타일리쉬하네요 ~~~
아니우다 :
flame shot : Super thank you bravo
안녕 내 친구. +
Ssuni쑤니 : 에트로 마스크~~ 색깔도 다양하고 멋스럽네요.
구경 잘 했어요.
박남매tv : ㅎㅎ 에트로에서 저런 것도 나오나요? 이젠 별걸 다 만드네요~ ㅎ

Italian Fashion | Etro

A series of influential Italian designers, writers, artisans and creative directors reveal what 'Made in Italy' means to them and why Italian fashion has such enduring appeal.

"Etro is about mixing up... to find sources of inspiration and then to mix them with something new to create something different", is what Jacopo Etro, son of the founder of Etro, tells us. Additionally, he explains the significance of the paisley pattern, and how Etro is a deeply Italian company that scours some of the world's unlikeliest places in the hunt for new textiles.

This film was originally made for the exhibition The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945 - 2014 on display 5 April - 27 July 2014.

Find out more:

Etro Spring/Summer 2021

ETRO Spring Summer 2021 Full Womenswear Runway Fashion Show Collection by Veronica Etro
skndr alexander : Beautiful show. But social distancing who?!
Adriano Lucio : Qual o nome da música as 1:43?
Cindy Morre : Why are they sitting so close !
Fabiana Cruz : The last músic is a Brazilian music of Jorge Ben Jor
m : They are obviously trying to diversify with the models but still alot of white ‍♀️
macs anthony : good music nial rogers used the second track in Kims LVss16 show
Af 化 check me see videos : Does anyone know what is the bloodborne? The Healing Church is government in every country now!
The police are Ludwig. Now,they are taking advantage of amygdala to scare you.
Today wear face-mask to confirm the virus is true ,tomorrow you will be controlled and enslaved forever.

I almost went to supermarket everyday since February in china.
I never wear mask on the face in the street ,and pick off in supermarket .
I am OK,now! I thought it was a lie from the beginning. And I am not young.

The most important question is maybe forced injection for fictitious virus in the name of kindness,this is CCP style.

Those who wear masks to watch the show are not intelligent.I like those courageous models.
If you can't reply me ,that's youtube did.
Grace Mapaya : Perfection
Betzaida Hernandez : Preciosos gracias por compartir y dar a conocer bellas telas y combinaciones, los diseños el mismo Escoté muy parecidos en varios. Pero la tela es única.




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